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Salem Food Tours was founded by Salem-based guide Karen (Eris) Scalia. With a passion for fresh local foods and cooking, and a background in event planning as well as the performing arts—she knew that sharing Salem’s past with a ‘taste’ of the culinary present was the perfect way to understand and appreciate this much-loved city.

Salem continues to grow as a food destination.  The restaurants, shops, farmers market, and food events make this wonderful historic city that much tastier!

As a Tour, we love to share these resources. Our partners offer homemade and freshly prepared foods, and source local items such as seafood and others.

My family influenced my food choices early on.  There was no better supermarket than my Papa’s garden,  where we would pick and eat  fresh tomatoes like candy.  The thought of my Nana’s homemade pasta or my Aunt Angie’s stuffed artichokes still puts a smile on my face.

Like many, my favorite memories involve food and the experience of sharing a meal with family and friends.  You simply can’t beat a great dinner party.

With this in mind, we strive for all Salem Food Tours to offer an exceptional experience for both the local visitor and traveler alike.

As each Tour is unique, we hope you’ll return again!



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