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Easter Bunny Visits were Hopping!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Easter Bunny Visits! It brought us so much joy to see smiles on the faces of the young and the young at heart during this difficult time.

We will be offering these Visits again in 2021.  We’ll have information on the Visits and how to book sometime in the fall, please check back. 

Salem Food Tours DELIVERS!

We are currently offering pick up and drop off from several of our Tour Partners, including: Jodi Bee Bakes, Brodies Seaport, Kakawa, and The Cheese Shop of Salem. 

Contact them directly to place order. 

Special Deliveries

Let us bring a taste of Salem to you or your loved one.  From fresh cheeses, divine wines, award-winning pastries, chocolate and more, great gifts for special occasions or just to brighten a day. 

If you live in Salem, MA or nearby North Shore towns*, follow these three easy steps to place an order and we’ll deliver to your loved one. 

1. Place an order with one or more of the participating shops listed below. 

2. Let them know that you would like it delivered via Salem Food Tours

3. Need suggestions ? We are here to help!  Email us by using the form below or by clicking here.  We can help suggest a great combination of goodies.  Thank you! 

 *If you live outside of Salem or within 10 mile area, please contact us first.  

The Cheese Shop of Salem

Fabulous selection of wine and cheese, as well as delicious complimentary items like jams, crackers, charcuterie and more. Their experienced staff can help you craft a great bag of goodies.

Call: 978-498-4820

Kakawa Chocolate House

We highly recommend their exquisite craft made chocolates.  Their knowledgeable staff can help you select a perfect box of chocolates
(goes great with wine too!) 

Call: 617-548-4567

Jodi Bee Bakes

Much loved vegetarian bakery specializing in vegetarian, vegan and gluten free treats, including wonderful cookies, cupcakes, and more.

Call: 978-594-8555

Seasonal Beauty

 We are working with our friends at Uniques & Antiques. They offer beautiful items like seasonal wreaths, candles, jewelry, ornaments, collectibles, etc.  Perfect pairings with that bag of wine, cheese and chocolate! Call them and they can work help you select and order just the right gift. 

Call: (207) 641-8588



Let us know about the orders you’ve placed!

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