Deacon Giles Distillery

Deacon Giles Distillery was founded on the desire of two friends and colleagues in the craft industry “to return to tradition by reviving an historic industry while embracing our modern environment. We wanted to roll up our sleeves and craft something exceptional using our own hands, uniquely infused with our personalities and steeped in history. The result is a wide variety of exceptional spirits including vodka, gin, a variety of New England rums, and a small-batch series of seasonal spirits with a focus on local ingredients.” Onsite, The Speakeasy Lab at Deacon Giles is a unique space that provides an opportunity to present their spirits, including their award-winning rum, to the public in a cocktail bar setting.  A full cocktail menu is available with a number of creative offerings as well as our interpretations of the classics.  “The bar serves drinks only, so we encourage patrons to visit other Salem Food Tour Partners and bring along your favorite foods to enjoy with our drinks. Please check our website for current hours and more information.” 75 Canal Street Salem, MA 01970 978-306-6675